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Who we are

Founded in 2013, Ring Twice is a fast-growing web start-up with its headquarters in Brussels. It all started as a master thesis project, but has since then raised more than 1M euro.

Today, the Ring Twice family - yes we call ourselves a family 🤗 - is counting almost 30 young, enthusiastic, ambitious and sometimes a bit crazy people. And we are still growing.

Ring Twice is the first endorsed platform within the sharing economy in Belgium. In 8 years, we have become a well established player on the Belgian market of the collaborative economy. And our ambition stretches even beyond Belgian borders! 🚀

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What we do

Ring Twice has launched a new way of providing services and making daily tasks carried out in an easy, fast and interactive manner.

We offer a two-sided marketplace where more than 400.000 users can find reliable help for everyday tasks in their neighborhood through our web and mobile app 🤩. Think about green fingers for gardening, a handyman who can swiftly assemble IKEA furniture, trusty babysitters who will take care of your kids and many more devoted service providers. Our business is the perfect example of using technology to bring trust between strangers. G*ddamnit, if that’s not amazing! 🤘

Why we do it

IMPACT. 🔥 One powerful word to describe why we do what we do.

It is our mission to change the way people work together. No longer through the black market, but fully insured and based on trust. Even more important: Ring Twice empowers everyone to earn some extra money. And in the most beautiful way: by helping out their neighbors. Some of our users are even becoming self-employed, creating their own job. That’s precisely why working at Ring Twice is so unique. Every day, we focus on what really matters: changing our users’ lives. 💪

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Why you should work with us

You might be expecting a whole paragraph about our values and how amazing our team culture is. And that is exactly what we are giving you right now!

🙃 Curiosity

We encourage our team members to keep on being curious. By learning new things every day, by meeting new people, by sharing ideas, by challenging the status quo, we grow. And your growth is our growth.

✌️ Humility

We share credits, but we also take our responsibilities. We accept that nothing is perfect. We take chances, we make mistakes. Everything is a way of learning, everything can be improved.

🤟 Open-mindedness

Always question everything, especially yourself. It could have been our slogan. But again, we heartily believe that by accepting constructive criticism and by asking feedback, we can reach the craziest ambitions. Together.

🤗 Happiness

We might work hard, but we play even harder. We are strong believers that people can achieve great things when they’re happy. Mens sana in corpore sano, but then in business terms.

🥇 People first

We always put our users as well as our team member first. When it comes to people, there’s no trade-off. And we are proud of it.

Meet the team

My fun-o-meter is my voice. When enthusiastic, you'll hear me from across the room! 🗣️‍
Jill - Communication Manager
I used the aircraft escape slides after the engine of the plane exploded. ✈️
Jonathan - Co-founder & CEO
Not today, satan. 😈
Guillaume - Product Owner
I can't cook, but I looove to eat 🍽
Ranja - Client Support
I'm a fitnessjunky, a gamer and I love reading and learning new skills. PS: I love Mondays!
Flavio - Customer Happiness Officer
One karaoké a day, keeps the doctor away. 🎤
Géraldine - Marketing Manager
I know the full lyrics to '99 Luftballons' by Nena! 🎈
Lien - Operations Manager
When I go to a concert, I disappear in the pit at the first note 🎸
Andrew - Performance Marketeer
I have watched Friends 6 times. 📺
Adana - SEO Specialist
My nose starts itching when I eat a carrot. 🥕
Justine - Content Marketeer
The first rock concert I attended was Def Leppard’s Slang Tour back in 97’. 🤘🏼
Mauro - Senior Back-end Developer
I’m a DJ in my free time, always with my panda disguise. 🐼
Sébastien - Co-founder & CTO
I can eat as much as I want and never gain weight. So I guess I'm the kind of guy everyone hates. 🍔 🍟
Antoine - Product designer
If I hadn't start in IT, I could have been a vet! 🐈
Nicolas - Mobile App Developer
I was once forced to take a picture with an African chef's hat. 🇨🇫
Guilherme - Back-end
I lived in 5 different countries on 3 different continents! 🌍
Vincent - Back-end Developer
Did anyone mention Garnaalkroketten? I'll be there in the minute! 🦐
Clémence - Customer Happiness Officer
And I have watched How I Met Your Mother 5 times. 📺
Timothy - Back-end Developer
I hate tomatoes, but my favorite soup is tomato soup. 🍅
Sébastien - Designer & Front-end Developer
Yes, I talk to all my plants. 🌿
Elisabeth - Operations and Office Manager
The best way of getting help from me is to cook me something. 🍽️
Benjamin - Business Analyst
I’m not gonna lie, I master the Art of Dad Jokes. Brace yourself. 😎
Phil - Operations Manager
Call me a donkey, I can carry two packs of water on my bike. 🚴🏼‍♀️
Salomé - HR Manager
I make playlists for my friends. 🎧
Alexandre - React Native Developer
Friends, board games and crisps are for me the killing combination for good Sundays.
Blanche - Product Manager
Proud to be in charge of 50% of the children born since Ring Twice was created. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
Christophe - Co-founder & COO

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